Vest or Vest is becoming a trend among young people today, especially for women who like wear modest clothing and hijab. In order not to miss a trend while maintaining the Islamic Shari’a, vests but could make an appearance hijab look fashionable and chic. Vest vest or can be combined with a variety of styles. Ranging from T-shirts, shirts, trousers and skirt. Model vest was designed with great variety. Which makes the hijabers look more beautiful.

Here are some tips Fashion padupadan vest that can be an inspiration when berhijab:
1. The black color is always safe to wear. The black color is always fit what saja.Warna combined with the color black can also give the impression slim for the wearer, especially long black vest makes you look more level. Vest this one could become a mainstay for padupadan stylish with any outfit.

2. Long Vest White color also could be an option. Neutral colors can be combined with any color boss.
The white color can be combined with any superiors or subordinates, and freely combine them with colored headscarves and hijab any motive.

3. Vests Long bright colors can brighten the appearance. Long dress or top with dark pants or skirts like black and brown fit perfectly combined with bright colors of this vest. You can use color vest Tosca, peach, pink, chocolate milk or orange for your everyday look. You can be stylish casual but it certainly remains impressed trendy and fashionable.

4. For those who want to look sporty, jeans vest is the perfect choice. Jeans always make sure any appearance look trendy. Jeans are easy when associated with a sporty impression, and make the appearance more attractive. Jeans can you padupadankan with any color headscarf.

5. Vests pastel colors for formal events? Of course, I can! You still can still look graceful and elegant. You can choose pastel colors that can make the appearance look graceful. Add a small belt as a complement.

6. To go to college or just hanging out with my friends, selection gray vest is fit for you. Choose clothing that is simple but still attractive and appealing to the eye, especially for those who like selfie with friends. Gray vest can be selected with padupadan shirts, plain shirts and stripes.

7. Vests motif besides looks classy, also a manifestation of love for the nation’s culture. Batik that was once synonymous with distinctive clothing to attend a formal invitation, now also can be an alternative for stylish fashion these days. To vest this batik boss should wear either shirt or T-shirt in a solid color such as black, white or brown. So is the choice you should use plain scarf and matching vest batik. To choose a color hijab well choose one of the most dominant color in batik patterns that you wear.