White shoes is very suitable if matching combined with any color. But you should be careful if you already bought it and started to wear them. Moreover, a simple white shoes stained streets. You should frequently clean so you still look clean shoes.

Especially if you are the type of person who likes walks. You have to be careful with the mud stains in the road, or food that may stain on your white shoes are very difficult to clean.

Here are tips on how to clean your white shoes to keep them clean:
1. Clean with a gentle shampoo
Gentle shampoo is ideal for cleaning oil stains stuck disepatu you. All you need is a shampoo, warm water and a cloth. First mix warm water with shampoo after the wet cloth with a mixture of warm water and shampoo and wipe the stain in white boots slowly and then dry with a towel. Never occasionally insert your shoes into the washing machine or dryer. The heat from the washing machine can damage the fibers of your shoes.

2. Change the shoelace
Just replace the pair of shoelaces can give the illusion of bright on your shoes. But if you sense your shoe laces can still be used, do not worry as long shoelace could also look new. It’s easy, soak shoelace into the water soaked in detergent. Then rinse again with hot water. With white shoe laces so you will look new again.

3. Clean soiled areas with stain remover Portable
Seeing the stubborn stains that just a little at a certain point, it might make you lazy to clean up the whole. Using a portable stain remover can be an alternative way to resolve it.

4. Use kitchen materials
Requires quick fixes do not require that the chemicals are expensive. You can use the materials available anywhere. For example in the kitchen, you can use the existing materials in the kitchen such as baking soda. Mix baking soda with warm water, then use the liquid to clean your shoes with a toothbrush.

5. Use white nail polish
Instead of having to bother to clean stubborn stains by washing, using white paint would not hurt. Apply nail polish white shoes stained area, apply once or twice to get the maximum results in order to disguise the stains.